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    Trumaine Johnson Jersey

    Chris Carson second in the NFL in yards after contact As I wrote on Sunday Womens Tre Flowers Jersey , Chris Carson had the best game by a Seattle Seahawks running back in maybe three years this past week against the LA Rams. I was not at all surprised by this because Carson has been nothing but a great player during his year and a half with the team, dating back all the way to the 2017 NFL Draft when Pete Carroll called him one of his favorite players in the class. As a seventh round pick, Carson had long odds just to make the final roster after the Seahawks signed Eddie Lacy and expected the returns of Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise from injury, but he did way better by winning the starting gig. I even dubbed it, The Summer of Chris Carson. Hes yet to do a single thing to warrant losing that job, as long as hes healthy.That began in Week 1 of last year when it was obvious to me and just about everyone else that Carson should be the only back to receive the ball from Seattles backfield. That started in Week 2 of 2017, when he received 20 carries and gained 93 yards. The totals werent mindblowing, but he had plenty stacked against him (a poor offensive line chief among them) and all you had to do was watch the way he ran to know that he was a special player. The broken ankle he suffered in Week 4 gave people horrific Rawls flashbacks, but as John Gilbert wrote, he had a higher probability of recovery.Here we are: Recovery. And it feels so good.Carson has held off first round rookie Rashaad Penny, who has looked exceptional at times. Much like Carson, the numbers havent always panned out for Penny in the way that youd like (not that it matters yet, hes only a rookie and he deserves plenty more time to develop and earn his opportunity) Womens Frank Clark Jersey , but as you watch him, you see that he can probably do things with his legs that neither Carson nor Mike Davis can do. That was obvious as early as his first preseason game; Penny didnt do much that day, but he had a couple runs that made it clear that he can do a lot if he puts it all together.On many teams, Penny would be starting right now. If many of those coaches had Penny and Carson, theyd at least be giving Penny the ball more often. Not Carroll though. While Im not sure I love an organizational philosophy that involves drafting a running back in the first round and then not needing to use him in all of his rookie contract years, I cant blame Carroll for sticking with Carson and Davis. Ive been saying since the start of last season that I think Carson could be a top-five back in the league.And thats what weve seen recently. While the offensive line is also playing a lot better, probably thanks in large part to the additions of J.R. Sweezy and D.J. Fluker at guard (Im not sure what you do with D.J.R. Fluzy, but there you go, Ive now put that into the universe), Carson is also making the most out of the meals provided to him.Carson is averaging 3.3 yards per rush after contact, second in the NFL behind only Isaiah Crowell of the New York Jets.And to add to that, Crowell has had runs of 77, 62 Youth Ethan Pocic Jersey , 54, and 36 yards. Hes playing really well, but those long runs assuming that he had a hand on him at the line of scrimmage are really going to skew the numbers and bring Crowell back to the rest of the pack soon. Christopher Carsons longest run is 24, but hes lost yardage on only three of his 64 carries. Crowell has lost yardage on 11 of his 54 attempts. That includes eight losses of at least -2 yards (and a safety), compared to Carsons losses of -1, -1, and -2 yards. We cant know for sure how much of this has to do with Seattles gameplan or the offensive line as compared to the Jets or the average NFL team today, but Im gonna go ahead and be biased as I can to say that its only because Carson is the best player in NFL history.This week, the Seahawks play the Oakland Raiders, and while I am not sure how we judge the field at Wembley and how that might alter Carrolls gameplan with Carson and the rest of the offense, we do know that the Raiders are going to provide a defense that might get him over 100 yards again. Oakland is 28th in rushing yards allowed, 27th in yards per carry allowed, and 24th against the run according to DVOA. Two weeks ago against the Cleveland Browns Youth Russell Wilson Jersey , the Raiders allowed 105 yards to Nick Chubb (on three carries), and 82 on 22 carries by Carlos Hyde.They did a surprisingly good job against the LA Chargers this past Sunday, but that was likely because Philip Rivers had no need to hand it off when hes going 22-of-27 for 339 yards. Hey, Ill take a good game from Russell Wilson too.This is definitely a good time to be Carson or Davis, who has 33 carries for 169 yards over his last two games (in that time he has just two negative rushes, both for -1 yard), and they both look like starters. The guy behind them will be a starter one day too, Seattle just doesnt need him right now. Remember when the Carolina Panthers fumbled it six times against the Seattle Seahawks and somehow recovered all of them? It sure felt like Seattle was on the wrong end of fumble luck and squandering opportunities to get some important turnovers.Well as it turns out, outside of that game, the Seahawks have been astonishingly good at recovering fumbles. They forced 21 fumbles on defense and special teams this season (tied for third in the NFL), and were able to recover 14, which is tied for most in the league. Compare that with the 2014 Seahawks, whose fumble luck wasnt as good Womens Tom Johnson Jersey , as they forced 20 and only got half of them.Its good that theyve been getting fumble recoveries, as the defense has only mustered up three interceptions since the bye week, and just twelve overall. For the second year in a row, none of Seattles cornerbacks amassed more than two interceptions, and Earl Thomas is tied for the team lead in picks despite not playing since September. Seattle has the leagues best turnover differential at +15, and part of that is not only their defensive fumble recoveries, but their ability to recover loose footballs (or have them go out of bounds) on offense. Of the 14 fumbles forced, only four have been recovered by the opposition, which is the fewest in the league alongside Washington. The past two meetings with the Dallas Cowboys have seen the Seahawks commit zero turnovers and force six, and hopefully that will continue heading into Saturday night.

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